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Proveedor Ellie Vincy Nails

Handmade Nails Size

Please pre-order now, estimated shipping date is July 25th.

Dear customer. This is handmade nail.So the processing time takes about 3-5 business days. If you have any questions
or concerns about the handmade nails please feel free to contact us through : or 
Send us message on whatsapp (Fast response)

Thank you!


As with all handmade nail kits in my shop- each is styled and hand-made with salon-quality materials.
Each nail is STRONG and FORTIFIED with GEL, then topped with a high-shine gel top coat.


Each set has 10 pcs of Press-on nails and a Free application kit(Nail glue, Sticky tab, Nail file, and cuticle pusher). Within minutes- you'll have nails fit for a Queen!

How to measure our nail size ?

It is a manual measurement. So please allow 1-2mm error.

FIT TIPS FROM  Ellie Vincy Nails

Don't forget not to include your pen marks in your measurements (it will add an extra 2-3mm to your actual size).

It's always better to size up than down so you can file away the edges for a better fit but can never add material back!

Don't forget to check both hands - lots of times nails on one hand may be different sizes!!

The Good news is most brands sizing is consistent so if you know your tip sizes from one brand they should match ours!

NOTE: PLEASE MEASURE YOUR NAIL SIZES BEFORE ORDERING. We don't offer a refund or return if you choose the wrong size.