If you love fashion and have a great social media presence, we'd love to collab!

Want in? Join the Ellie Vincy Nails Ambassador Program!

Pls feel free to email to below email to know more!!



Ellie Vincy Nails Ambassador Program Perks:

1Complimentary Packages: Receive 1 set of free nail set and a brush on nail glue featuring the latest collections from Ellie Vincy Nails.

2)Featured on Social Media: Get featured on all Ellie Vincy Nails social media accounts. We have above 100K followers on Youtube and SnapChat.

3)Fan Discount: Provide your fans with an exclusive discount code for additional savings on Ellie Vincy Nails products.

4)Commission Benefits: Earn commission on all sales generated through your influence.

5)Editing Support: Our marketing team would provide professional editing for the Ellie Vincy Nails video help if you need it. 


Responsibilities as an Ambassador:

1) We kindly request the creation of a comprehensive video that includes an unboxing of the Ellie Vincy Nails packages, showcasing the process of wearing our press-on nails, conducting tests to demonstrate the strength of our products, and highlighting the beauty of our nails. It would be highly beneficial if the ambassador could showcase our products by appearing on camera, speaking about them.

2) Make revisions to your content as necessary.

3) Include @ellievincynails and #ellievincynails in your posts after receiving approval from us.

4) Send us the raw footage of the video featuring Ellie Vincy Nails and grant Ellie Vincy Nails the perpetual right to utilize your content for website, social media, marketing, and promotional purposes, even following the conclusion of our collaboration.


Let start working!


First Tier Ambassador:

- Purchase items from our ambassador selected item list on our website at the cost of 0.1 USD.

- If the promoted video doesn't reach 5K views, please kindly post and make a second video for us.

Please note that these perks, responsibilities and cooperation are subject to change and may vary based on the terms and conditions of the Ellie Vincy Nails Ambassador Program.