1. Filing the press ons to make them fit perfectly = semaless nails.

2. Rub the stiky tabs before applying. Heat up the sticky tab with hair dryer because the high temperature can enhance the viscosity.

3. Use the nail file to lightly buff the surface of your nails that's going to give it some texture and grip.

4. Use alcohol wipe or nail polish remover to dehydrate the nail surface. Remeber not to touch your nails which defeats the purpose as it puts oils right back to the nails.

5. Choose the sticky tab which is slightly smaller than your natural nails and squeeze from the middle to the outside.

6. Avoid water and oils for the first 3 hours after applying because moisture getting trapped under the nail makes them pop off prematurely. Therefore, we recommend to do your nails before bed so the sticky tab has plenty of time to set overnight.

7. Don't apply cuticle oil right after application. Acrylic press ons need time to dry up and 6 hous is ideally. 


June 22, 2023 — Vincy Chiang